All of our engineers are Registered Digital Installers to ensure the best quality of workmanship
The only way to make sure that your digital TV equipment installation is the best it can be

Registered Digital Aerial Licensed Body Installers

Are you looking for a fully licensed installer?

The Registered Digital Installers Licensing Body (RDI-LB) is the UK’s only official body to register licensed digital aerial and TV systems installers. Our scheme is backed by the Government and requires every member to become qualified and undergo important checks.

Get the best

You may not necessarily be affected by the changes brought about by the digital switch over programme.

However, if you are, it is essential to choose an installer who knows exactly what they are doing and can deliver a high standard of workmanship.

Registered installers are accredited with the widely recognised Digital Switchover Certification mark and have proven their ability to give good advice and work to the standards that we expect.

Remember,to work as a professional licensed aerial installer with the ‘digital tick’ certification, installers must be qualified, be fully insured, have a clear criminal record disclosure and be certified to safely work at heights!

Only professionally trained installers can meet these demands!

Just like your latest TV, DVD tuner or set top box, accredited installers are uniquely identified by the ‘Digital Tick’ Mark.